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Taipoint is a small site for some tech-startup related articles. We're currently focusing on business trends and innovative startups, sometimes do founder interviews as well.


As for the updates, the lastest articles would be broadcasted via our wechat official account (scan the code).


Use the contact form to leave some words or contact me directly via my personal email address. Frankly I'd prefer emails cause I check it on a daily basis.


各位好, 如你們大致已經知道的,鈦點是一個發布科技創業有關文章的地方。著重探討科技創業的趨勢和有趣的新創公司,偶爾會對業內人士進行一些訪談。 網站非常簡陋(有興趣幫手的可以直接聯系我),目前主要更新渠道是右邊的微信公眾號, 其他還有部落格平台(比如簡書)和新聞聚合平台等。 






Email : doublefangforfun@gmail.com









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